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Sports Massage by S Shin

About Us

Sports Massage by S Shin is run by Sookhee Shin

and it established in Chelmsford, Essex in 2009

as former business called A Sookhee Therapy

(Sep 2009 - Apr 2014) and

Sports Massage & Holistic Gyenglak (Nov 2015 - Mar 2017).


Now it has re-named to Sports Massage by S Shin.

Sports Massage & Holistic Gyenglak was opened

in November 2015 after she had a long holiday

in South Korea.


During her staying in South Korea,

she took in Beauty Therapy Course at

KS Beauty Academy and qualified a Skin Care

in Beauty Therapy

from the Human Resources Development

Service of Korea.

Continuing education is an important component

of staying up to dated in this profession.


She has committed to regularly increase

her knowledge in order to give you the benefit of

the most current research and treatments.


She is educated and trained to accurately assess

and treat with techniques that include massage

and manual therapy, joint mobilization,

and rehabilitative exercise such as stretching,

strengthening and postural exercise.


Registered Massage Therapies at ITEC and FHT

as well as insured with HISCOX.



Her goal is to restore and maintaine your optimal health

and pain-free function of your body.